26th September 2018 | Rainbow Plaza | Sofia, Bulgaria

Brian Tracy

The legendary author of Eat That Frog! is visiting Bulgaria again!


After this seminar you will have clearly defined goals and a 100% effective plan for the next 1 year.

The “Step-by-step” plan for success and high achievements includes proven principles from psychology, religion, philosophy, business, economy, politics, history and metaphysics.

The skills you will acquire from the fantastic Maximum Achievement 2.0 seminar

How to prioritize right and increase your personal efficiency

Master personal management and set clearly-defined goals

Ignore stress and increase your personal motivation 5 to 7 times!

Form a team and motivate it to achieve all set goals

Achieve harmony in both your personal and business life

Get new business ideas that you can implement immediately!

This seminar is suitable for…


So you can set clear goals, come up with the right tasks and strategies, to successfully manage various projects and still have time for personal life!


So you can predict future outcomes, steer your emotions and be most convincing and efficient in your efforts.


To reduce the risk of errors, correctly analyze every situation, and think strategically towards achieving maximum results every time.


To achieve maximum success in your field, without losing your personal motivation and drive to go forward.

About Brian Tracy – a legend in the business world

Brian Tracy is ranked in the TOP 10 best business speakers in the world.

Brian will help you achieve your personal AND professional goals faster and easier than you ever thought possible.


translated seminars

5 000 000

attendees worldwide


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Brian Tracy’s bestsellers

Seminar agenda

26th September 2018 | Rainbow Plaza | Sofia, Bulgaria


08:30 – 10:00

Session 1

10:00 – 11:00

  • Unlocking Your Potential and The Foundation of Success

How to unlock you potential and show the best of you for maximum achievement?

Session 2

11:30 – 12:30

  • Focal Point Thinking and Future Orientation

You will learn how to focus correctly and make longterm strategies with exact actions.

Session 3

13:30 – 15:30

  • Goal Orientation | Excellence Orientation | Result Orientation

You will learn how to set and achieve your goals and how to make excellent first impression.

Session 4

13:30 – 15:30

  • Solution Orientation | Money Orientation | Action Orientation

How to make the right decisions with lower risk? You will learn how to plan your budget so it fits your goals and how to take the right actions to achieve them. 

Session 5

16:00 – 17:00

  • Seven Habits of Highly Productive People | Seven Rules for the 21st Century

Brian Tracy will give you know-how for the seven habits of highly effective people and how to get them. You will learn the seve rules of the century and how to follow them for maximum achievement.

What will you learn?


  • The secret to achieving maximum level of efficiency
  • Setting your yearly goals
  • Effective tools for personal management


  • 8 characteristics of successful people
  • The ability to foretell the future
  • Setting intelligent goals
  • Controlling emotions
  • Monitoring and analyzing changes
  • Being results-oriented
  • A clear plan of action


  • Personal life: to have it or not to have it?
  • How to define priorities in your professional and personal life
  • How to make use of your working time to the limit
  • How to find the right balance between work and personal life


  • The most important thing about leaders and leadership
  • Leaders: thoughts, emotions, actions, deeds
  • 7 key fields of influence a leader has
  • Getting into the habit of developing leadership skills


  • How to become a leader for your team
  • How a leader interacts with the others
  • How a leader motivates the team to achieve their goals


Preparing an action-plan for the year ahead

Experience a unique seminar atmosphere


What attendees say about Brian Tracy’s seminars

  • The event was awesome. It was very useful and helpful for my further career. Organization was on a highest level. All information were so precious and available on time. People who work for Web and Events are really profesionalists and do their jobs on the best possible way. There was an enormous quantity of water, coffee, tea, cakes and business lunch during the breaks. With three simple words - everything was perfect. I recommend Web and Events' seminars to all of you regardless your profession and job position.

    Jani Manasov Trainer
  • I am honestly very content with the organization of the event. Everything was well planned due to the world class of the speaker. Seriously, if not perfect then excellent!!! I am happy I had the chance to attend the seminar, it was a life changing event! I enjoyed my presence from the very beginning till the end. Much success to you in future.

    Anush Papoyan Master Plus Greece
  • I am very happy with what i heard at the seminar. The entire organisation was brought to perfection. Good to see that even though we are on the Balkans, we can still attract influential people and then organize big events such as this one. Definitely worth it. Can't wait for another event like this.

    Boban Mitreski Comfy Angel DOO
  • Everything was very well organized - from the registration to the end of the event. The business lunch was delicious, the location was absolutely beautiful - the lightning and sound equipment - of highest quality. The staff were very polite. I got everything that I expected and even more. The ratio quality - price is perfect. They even helped me find some people from my town also going to the event so we could economize on costs and make great friends. I recommend to everyone to invest in his/her personal development by attending event helds by world-popular speakers. Thanks to the organizers. Great job!

    Ina Nikolova Synergia Global Invest
  • The event was amazing! WE is one of the best organizers ever! I am from Greece, I drove 500km to attend this seminar and I was worried about the event and how WE could manage Brian's Tracy speech. When I arrived at the event point, everything exceeded my expectations and Brian Tracy was outstanding! I wish we could organize similar events in Greece. One big THANK YOU

    Paris Panagiotidis Line Stove


Choose a ticket that suits you best!

All tickets include coffee breaks, WiFi internet access. Lunch is included only for Gold and VIP tickets. Prices are excluding VAT.


  • Access to the seminar

300 EUR

186 EUR


    • Access to the seminar
    • Certificate from Brian Tracy
    • Seats in the front rows
    • “12 Step Goal Setting Guide”
    • ABCDE checklist
    • Bonus ebook from Brian Tracy*
    • Bonus 9 audio books**

400 EUR

212 EUR


  • Access to the seminar
  • Certificate from Brian Tracy
  • Seats in the front rows
  • “12 Step Goal Setting Guide”
  • ABCDE checklist
  • Bonus ebook from Brian Tracy*
  • Bonus 9 audio books**
  • Business lunch
  • Book-signing session with Brian Tracy
  • Group photo with Brian Tracy

500 EUR

263 EUR


  • Access to the seminar
  • Certificate from Brian Tracy
  • Seats in the front rows
  • “12 Step Goal Setting Guide”
  • ABCDE checklist
  • Bonus ebook from Brian Tracy*
  • Bonus 9 audio books**
  • Business lunch
  • Book-signing session with Brian Tracy
  • Group photo with Brian Tracy
  • Access to a bonus session
  • VIP dinner with Brian Tracy (max 18 people)
  • Individual photo-session with Brian Tracy

900 EUR

460 EUR

Super Business Combo!

Opportunity once in a lifetime! Join the two most popular business seminars in the world, led by two legends in the business world!

  • Business ticket for the “WOW Customer Service” seminar with John Tschohl
  • Business ticket for the seminar“Maximum Achievement 2.0” with Brian Tracy
  • Seat in the front rows
  • Certificates from Brian Tracy and John Tschohl

819 EUR

307 EUR


Rainbow Plaza

Address: Atanas Dukov Str. 29, 1407 Sofia, Bulgaria